Extreme Sports Webquest

A webquest designed for intermediate students.

The Process

First, you will be assigned to a team of two (or three) students: you will either choose to be be a reporter, or an extreme sport exponant.

Throughout your quest, you can write the relevant information with the help of the worksheet provided (xsports_st1.doc) or on your Wiki page and do the following tasks:
  1. Gather information:

    1. First, have a look at the list of extreme sports you can find in Wikipedia, select the one you would like to work on, and make a note of the basic information you need.

    2. Then, go to: Adventure Directory" and find your sport from the scrolling menu "adventure location".
      Search for information with the search form further down: "adventure search".
      Once you have opened the page dealing with your sport, use the scroll down menu at the top of the page to find the relevant information and write them in your student's form.

    3. You may have to visit external sites, or look for other resources. You can then use Google and type relevant key words (e.g. "skiing + equipment + prices" if you want to make a budget for a radical free skiing outing, or "wakeboard + club + location" if you plan to try wakeboard next summer).

    4. If you do so, please write (or cut-and-paste) the URL of the sites where you found the information needed.

    5. You can also use the toolbox if you need help.

  2. Organize your finds: write a short article about your sport.

  3. Get ready for the interview: work in pairs and practise the oral part of this project.